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Web services

A powerful channel to market - Make it yours

It's not just about WEB anymore. It's about delivering web solutions as part of a comprehensive and end-to-end service. SONARISA develops and deploys intelligent web solutions for diverse situations that meet various requirements. With its combined talent of technology and creativity, SONARISA provides simple, clean, reliable, user friendly designs with cutting edge functionality literally works for your business. At SONARISA we are always striving for fresh and innovative project ideas that can challenge our teams' skill set and result in a unique solution. We offer a unique medley of services extending from web applications development to interactive solutions to creative designing.


- Responsive website design, development, and testing
- Web app design, development, and testing
- Static / Dynamic website design, development, and testing
- eCommerce design, development, and testing
- Custom CMS design, development, and testing
- Handcoded HTML5, CSS3
- Domain name registration and hosting
- Expert consulting


- Competitive pricing, timely results, and eminent web design.
- Fast, clean, and efficient deliveries.


Making sense makes sense

Today with increasing internet usage and availability, all types of businesses are making their presence online and launching their website. It's not just important to show your website but it's also about end user's comfortness to use your website. Websites if wisely developed by understanding end user needs can can actually transform the any business to a new altitude. Having a well-designed site isn't just about having great colors and fonts, but it's also about the way the user interacts and navigates through the website. The User Interface of an website should be unique, cater to your traffic, be modern and use the latest technologies to be responsive, cross browser and compatible.
Building from the scratch, SONARISA designs and develops the website 100% custom, hand coded, tailor made for your requirements, ensuring that your customers find the website very easy to use and yourself, easy to maintain. From personal blogs to corporate sites and e-commerce stores to custom CMS, SONARISA caters to varied industries and businesses, ranging from start-ups to the big players offering a full range of web design & web development services. Considering each and every element of requirement, SONARISA offer you the stunning design and intelligent usability with top notch functionality to grab your clients attention and help you grow faster.
Responsive: The explosion of smartphones on the market place has seen a drastic change in how people search for services and products online. It is becoming increasingly important to be 'Responsive' to increase your reach to tablet and mobile audiences. We recommend our clients to go 'Responsive' and visible on all devices so that your business never misses out on valuable traffic.


It's all about your customers' All-Channel experience

With the ever changing online landscape and technology eCommerce is here to stay, one simply can't afford NOT to sell on the web. eCommerce is changing the relationship between consumers and merchants. The success of an eCommerce website completely depends upon its user friendly features, ease of accessibility, and most importantly security. Whether it's an E-store or any other type of eCommerce web portal it requires a keen observation into its design. Small or big, generic or specialized, today eCommerce businesses need to deal with global competition and meet with the significant business challenges. These challenges require eCommerece businesses to develop unique strategies to liaison with partners, and service providers and adopt radical strategies for online marketing, managing, fulfilling, customer acquisition and retention, and online shopping experience that is beyond the realms of traditional retailing. Thus it requires top class skills, technological advancements and technical know-how in development of highly secured eCommerce website.
SONARISA understands these challenges of today's fast paced eCommerce industry in depth. We understand that successful eCommerce is not merely showcasing of retailing products online but modeling of a very complex, changing business solution, online with deep domain understanding. SONARISA brings in extensive e-commerce expertise with customized solutions as per your business need to adapt well. Our approach has always been to create a memorable brand experience through the web platforms we develop.

Custom CMS

Your past is not your future

Once your new website is up and running, one of the most important considerations is keeping its content fresh and up-to-date. But, you don't want to have to come to us every time you want to add a new image, change a piece of text. Easy content management system (CMS) is always a plus to easily manage the website. The essence of CMS managed website development is that often you would not require being a highly tech-savvy person. The modification of the content can be done on the fly.
It is that we just don't feel there is a system out there that can do everything one want it to do, and the best way to approach the problem is to create one that does. Also, it is true that CMS with too many features can confuse not so tech-savvy users. That is why we take a completely personalized approach towards content management. We do not provide complex off the shelf content management systems, we build a unique system which only includes the features that you require. Make no mistake though; advanced features and complex workflows can also be built. It simply means we won't supply them unless you ask us to. SONARISA takes each client's requirements into account before building the CMS around them allows us to more easily tackle complex requirements and you will get a solution that is uncluttered and usable.

Web apps

Technology with a purpose

Over the past decade or so, the web has been embraced by millions of businesses as an inexpensive channel to communicate and exchange information with customers. The web provides a way for marketers to get to know the people and an excellent sales channel for a numerous organizations, large or small. As the number of businesses embracing the benefits of doing business over the web increases, so will the use of web applications and other related technologies continue to grow. Another significant advantage of building and maintaining web applications is that they perform their function irrespective of the operating system and browsers running client side.
Designing and developing through modularized approach leads to best in business application development. We hand-craft web Solutions with solid strategies, user-centred designs and powerful technologies. All our web applications are customized to our customers' needs and requirements. Whether you are a small or large company, or you need more functionality or less, our web development solutions are tailored to match your needs and budget.With SONARISA you get: Functional and highly usable web applications matching your business needs, requirements, and expectations, a lot of attention to UI design, smart application architecture, QA procedures throughout the entire development life cycle - in total - delivering advanced web applications is exactly what we do. We strive to be no less than the best by providing result oriented services to our esteemed clients. We can ensure you that you will not be disappointed if you choose SONARISA as your web app development partner.

Website / App development process

Web development-process