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With the need for more reliable software, testing has become a vital part of the software development and a specialized function in itself. More effective testing will bring in software quality, saves expensive rework time, cuts down cost, and most importantly, lets organizations successfully release software that is fit for purpose.
With well structured and easily adaptable testing methodologies SONARISA provides defect prevention - oriented approach to testing. SONARISA believes in achieving total client satisfaction in each and every engagement with its clients and leaves no stone unturned in order to achieve it. SONARISA offers a complete and comprehensive range of testing services.


Consulting Services:
- Testing Strategy - Test Automation Engineering
Operational Services:
1. Functional Testing: System Testing - Usability Testing - Regression Testing - E2E Testing
2. Test Automation


- Ensuring RFT 99.99% zero defect delivery.
- Superior quality with reduced timeline.
- Reduced costs with defect prevention-oriented approach.

Software testing services

Software testing services