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Story of Sonarisa

A little history

I SONARISA was formed in 2010 by IT professional, Leena Hegde, a passionate solution and UI designer, business analyst and an expert software quality analyst, with initial support from her brother Manohar Hegde, who is a source of great ideas.
Today, with unmatched technical expertise and insights I have spread my wings across a range of strategic domains. I define, design and deliver solutions that go with the changing times and technologies. I'm maintaining the highest levels of quality and compliance to meet clients requirements. I believe and take pride in building a long term relationships with client.
Quality and SONARISA go hand in hand as far as service and process is concerned. SONARISA is a IT Services and Web Solutions Company that provides IT and Web consulting, Software design and development, Testing, and Maintenance.
SONARISA is focused on providing innovative and qualitative IT Solutions and Services. Additionally, to help our customer to achieve their business objectives by providing best-in-class business and IT consulting.

Vision and Values

A whole purpose

Our Vision: To be the most trusted and qualitative IT and web solution provider.
Our Values: Customer Satisfaction - Pioneering in Technology - Learning and Sharing - Professionalism - Creativity - Integrity.


A way of approach

Aspiration to win - Knowledge, Persue and Innovate, Excel.

- This is about healthy competitive spirit to win, to be the best. It is NOT about an out-of-control desire to win.
- This is the desire to go beyond the limits, to do our best and aim, for perfection.
- This is about trying to be better than the last time.
- We win when our customers are happy with us.

Standard Behaviour - Trust, Sincerity, Integrity, Honesty, Fairness.

- We focus on honesty, transparency, fairness and high moral standards of conduct to create positive energy.
- We gain trust by treating all people with integrity, respect, dignity, and fairness.
- We embrace the diversity of all and treat everyone with respect.
- We respect privacy and protect personal information.
- We are open, honest, and ethical in all of our dealings.
- Keeping the promises is our baseline.

Work Style - Co-Operation, Hard Working, Team, Responsible, Persistence.

- We work with a common sense of purpose, pleasure and positive challenge in the work of the organization.
- We know our differences, unique talents and varied backgrounds. As a team we come together to create a stronger whole.
- We take responsibility for, and have an obligation to our work place and work in harmony with all.
- We share a common purpose : To serve our customers the best. We help each other to learn and grow.
- Unity and Co-operation are our greatest Motivation, Innovation and Persistence are the sources of our life.

Software Quality

A discipline for software engineering

High quality software meets the needs of the users while being reliable, well supported, maintainable, portable, and easily intergrated with other tools. Is increasing quality always more expensive, in terms of that cost of production and maintenance? Not always.
Quality is something that has to be considered throughout the product life cycle; it cannot be added in later.
One can 'trust' SONARISA on highest quality services and solutions. We know that quality delays are expensive. We focus on improving component quality right at the begining of the process. We believe in "RIGHT FIRST TIME".


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