Industries and digitization

The kind you have to see to believe


A way to go

In today's market place nearly every industry face varied challenges like evolving risk and compliance requirements, re-alignment of internal strategy and practices, and the ever increasing customer demands. SONARISA has extensive knowledge and comprehensive capabilities across industries and business functions that you need to achieve your business goals and succeed. SONARISA applies specific industry expertise to create tailored solutions for your business.


A new chapter

The world of education is changing - it is getting both smaller and bigger at the same time. The global educational industry witnessing waves of change in many forms and functions. The demand for knowledge workers with specialized skills is growing day by day. Today, many jobs will require life long training and a continuous updating of skills. Though there have been advances in education technology, technologies need to be more systemic and smarter. The education industry has grown increasingly complex and difficult to quantify, as students persue a variety of alternative learning paths. Education industry is challenged to deliver enhanced services while reducing operational expenses.
SONARISA has skills and technology to help you manage your institutionals performance and to dynamically respond to student and faculty needs.

Financial Services

A unique challenge

With increased and aggressive competition, huge rise in cross-border and online trading financial institutions are getting increasingly complex. Having seen the unique challenges of the industry SONARISA brings comprehensive strategies for creating reliable systems that improve operational efficiency and meet business goals effectively. We provide a broad range of reliable and secure solutions and services to address your various needs of financial institutions. We help you in providing superior levels of customer services.

Health Care

A road ahead

Increased health awareness has resulted in significant change in the healthcare industry. The focus is moving from illness treatment to wellness care with a need for personalized care. Two imperatives in today's healthcare industry - improving the quality of care, and reducing the cost of care. As a result, healthcare industry is focusing a lot of attention on IT to move forward. When healthcare is information-driven, data becomes knowledge that makes the industry more comprehensive, person-centric and patients are empowered to take control of their own health by being connected to better information.
Sonarisa Healthcare Solutions and Services connects healthcare industry to the right technology to improve patient care delivery, reduce management complexities, simplify patient records management, and cut costs.

Hospitality and Leisure

A room to grow

The hospitality industry is one of the oldest businesses in history and the fastest growing sectors of the today's economy. The diverse and exponential growth in the hospitality industry has resulted in many complexities that need swift measured in planning, organizing, directing and controlling resources in operations, front office processes, back office processes etc.
In this emerging sector of the industry, SONARISA provides futuristic business solutions and smart technology solutions that create the perfect experience for your customers. At Sonarisa, we help you reshape your technology landscape to deliver differentiated customer experiences.


A new possibility

The manufacturing industry has been going through a gradual transformation driven by shifting global demand patterns. Today, the highly-competitive manufacturing industry faces various challenges such as increased demand for productivity, rising energy costs, and higher customer expectations.
Sonarisa believes in driving transformation in an industry that creates equipment to make things simpler for others by making work simpler for them, through its unique information technology solutions and services.

Retail and Consumer Products

A necessity to compete

Retail and Consumer Product industry is one of the highly dynamic business, with new challenges and opportunities emerging everyday. The buzz in the new world of retail today - better, faster, and INSTANT. As consumers become more demanding, marketing consumer products needs to go through a change to handle all the emerging challenges and also meet market opportunities as they come up. A smarter shopping experience deliver an integrated, informative and unique customer experience - across all channels.
At Sonarisa, we work in collaboration with you to build solutions, ensuring your business transformation across consulting, application development and maintenance. Our consumer centric e-commerce model will help you get flexible and efficient thereby providing superior shopping experience to your consumers.

Show biz

A new hope ahead

The media and entertainment industry continues to grow at a healthy pace. Due to digital media revolution the industry has undergone a dramatic change. Though the industry face significant challenges like higher level of competition, higher production costs, expensive applications and infrastructure maintenance, the entire showbiz is dominated by innovation, giving it a fresh dimension altogether.
With our expertise and knowledge, we provide the solutions to reduce operational costs and increase revenues. We help you to stay focused on manging creative aspects of the business and to tap new opportunities.

Travel and Transportation

A smart transformation

Transportation - the movement of people and goods from one place to another - is the life force of our economy. It is one of the industries whose growth has been directly linked to globalization : shrinking distances and improving the quality of life for millions of people. While it has grown multi-fold due to this, many of our transportation systems are yet inadequate to serve the needs of today's dynamically changing priorities of customers.
Sonarisa can help the industry to improve efficiency and enhance the traveller experience. SONARISA provides transformation services in enterprise systems, process engineering, and e-commerce solutions.