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With varied expertise and domain knowledge, Sonarisa offers clients a wide range of IT services. These services focus on providing quality and operational superiority to clients. We bring together a combination of technology, tools, methodologies, processes, knowledge, insights, and organizational values to give your business a competitive edge.
The enterprise application and technology landscape has to constantly evolve to be align with the changing demands of the market place. Sonarisa offers robust and sustainable business application services that enables customers to create successful and adaptive businesses. Sonarisa can custom-build to your specifications - efficiently and deliver on its promise of time and cost - effective customized applications that help organizations to achieve business goals effectively.


- Enterprise applications in the areas of ERP, and CRM.
- Customed applications across industries that help organizations address functional gap and meet market place demands.


- Improved product, service and process stability
- Greater flexibility
- Enhanced performance
- Highest-quality
- Speed-to-market


Enterprise Resource Planning

Regardless of your industry, you need a software solution to be the backbone of your business, automating and supporting business processes as single data source for product and services you provide - such as information related to suppliers, vendors, customer orders and the products themselves.
An Enterprise Resource Planning software integrates all of your company's systems and information into a single program that all users can readily access. ERP systems offer benefits of integrated environment for multi user, multi locations, multi company and multi currency transactions by greatly improving the quality and efficiency of a business, allowing departments to work cohesively.
In an ever changing business environment, SONARISA can help in ERP enabled business transformation depending on the industry, business practices, and culture.


Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) strategies are more important to businesses today than ever before to stay ahead of the curve and successfully meet the challenges that the market brings. CRM solutions manage your entire customer lifecycle, enabling sales and service teams to acquire customers, to sell, and to resolve client service requests more efficiently; if coupled with effective sales and service programs, it can also lead to increased revenue.
To achieve a fact-based understanding of customers and their environment, SONARISA provides tailor made CRM solutions for your business, the functionality you need to ensure an all-around, world-class customer experience. We're here to help improve your day to day customer management, streamlining your business by making the best use of your data.

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